Attending Nantes Fishing Show 2013 as a volunteer: we made sushi^o^


There was a fishing show here in Nantes from February 15th to 17th. In Nantes there is an association called “French and Japanese Youth Voluntary Association“. They were looking for people to volunteer as sushi makers on the fishing show in order to promote Japanese culture. So I went there~~

フィッシングショーの看板 billboard of the fishing show

フィッシングショーの看板。 Billboard of the Fishing Show.


It seems the event happens every year but this year there was a special focus on Japan with famous Japanese fishing brands and makers and also popular fishing men from Japan. Honestly I know almost nothing about fishing but I could understand there were some famous Japanese there xD


As for us, volunteers, we prepared sushi (maki sushi and inarizushi) for the people visiting the fishing show. I’m not such good at making sushi but a guy in our group was pretty talented at this! He learned me a lot!
We got a few questions on how to roll sushi and prepare sushi rice and we also could let some people prepare the sushi by themselves.  Letting people discovering Japanese culture through sushi was a part of the objective of the association for this event so I guess we can say it’s a success.

巻き寿司、太巻き寿司、いなり寿司 maki sushi, futomaki sushi, inarizushi

マグロと鮭の巻き寿司 tuna and salmon maki sushi



Volunteering at the fishing show daytime and partying with the Japanese people and French staff nighttime.  It was quite a busy weekend~~ I met a lot of interesting people and I could speak Japanese so I’m very glad♪
Needing sleep but another week at school has started^^;;;