50%OFFのコスメをゲット!Bargain sales at Sephora!

2013 winter bargain sales at Sephora: cosmetics over 50% off!!

行ったのは「Sephora(セフォラ)」という化粧品を売っているお店です。そこでバーゲンコーナーが凄かったです!コスメやメイクが50%off70%off!! そして自分が毎日に使う昼用スキンケアが並べていたのでワクワクしてきました

This week’s Wednesday (9th) the winter sales have started here in France. I forgot about it but I was in town Wednesday so I remembered it was the first day for bargain sales. I went to Sephora (selling cosmetics). The bargain corner is great! Cosmetics and makeup from 50% off. I started to get excited when I saw my day skin care in the bargain rack^0^

冬バーゲンセールでゲットした化粧品 cosmetics I got from the Winter bargain sales


  • IntegrineのHYDRA THELIA(昼用保湿フェースケア)
  • IntegrineのHYDRA SOLIA(SPF50+入りの顔保湿液)
  • instantlyoungのアンチエイジングスキンケア(夜用にします)
  • Relaxineの目の周り専用アンチエイジングスキンケア


I went to two different Sephora shops. Because the bargain products are a bit different from one store to another. So I found for skin care products all things in the picture^^ day face moisturizer, SPF50+ skin care, anti wrinkles skin care (I’ll use it for night) and also eye contour specific product!
I’ll run out of both my day & night skin products so it’s so nice I could be it with so much discount!! Also I got some lipsticks. The colors are a shimmery light pink, shimmery red (raspberry like) and a matte purple. I want to buy a lip concealer now…XD


It was really good deals since all the products were at least 50%off. And it’s really cool I found my usual products at such a low price! Here bargain sales continue until February 12th. I wanna get some clothes too~




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