Nihon Breizh Festival



I was volunteer staff on a manga/anime convention this weekend: it was very funny^^
The convention is called “Nihon Breizh Festival”. “breizh” is the word for “Brittany” (French region) in breton language so as the name says the convention occured in Brittany region, in the Rennes city.

二ホン・ブレイズ・フェスティバル Nihon Breizh Festival 2013
スタッフのラーメン~親方ラーメンDEATH☆ staff lunches: RAMEN!


During the convention there is various activities such as Japanese traditional culture demonstrations (ikebana, calligraphy), cosplay show and also lolita cafe. Since I was a staff the only thing I could really assist to was the cosplay show but it was very funny! I wanna do some cosplay again one day~ XD

グレル・サトクリフ(黒執事)のコスプレ Greel Sutcliff (Black Butler) cosplay
黒執事のグレルサトクリフと一緒に~最高DEATH♥ with Black Butler Greel, awesome DEATH! xD


I could meet my friend too so it was a nice weekend. I wanted to rest a bit this weekend but my schedule is full with job hunting stuff…

フライパンペンネグラタン penne gratin in a frying pan
フライパンペンネグラタンを作ってみました♪ pasta gratin with frying pan XD

フランスのクロックマダムとクロックサーモン croque madame and croque salmon
クロックマダムとクロックサーモン。My friend cooked for me.


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